PAGOUNI S.A. is one of the leading and most dynamic companies in the steel processing and steel treatment sector, with a long history over six decades. Creating a well-organized company with a leading position, that ensures satisfaction and better life quality for customers and employees.
The activities and the product range of PAGOUNI S.A. are developed in two mainstreams of the famous brand solutions:

• DOMOLAM, referring to the construction sector and covering the specified needs of building, cladding and finishing of the metallic or composite steel-concrete projects and

• SERVILAM, concerning the offering of total solutions for the contemporary needs of the metal sheet processing industry

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DOMOLAM PANELS & PROFILES AT BAU 2017 t is our great pleasure to announce that the company PAGOUNI S.A. participates in BAU 2017, the world’s leading International Fair for Architecture, Materials & Systems, which is taking place in Messe Munich from January 16 to 21, 2017. At the International Fair BAU 2017, there will be... Προβολή όλων των νέων
Προβολή όλων των νέων της PAGOUNI S.A.

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