Our new ESR (EcoStretchRoll) spreader system offers safe, gentle and crease-free spreading in a new dimension. In the ESR system, the advantages of existing spreader systems are combined and significantly further developed. The patented spreader rollers are based on special rubber rings with individual spreading elements made of TPE. They are mounted on deflection rollers from our partner August Dreckshage GmbH & Co. KG, resulting in a spreader roller with perfect properties. The features at a glance: strong spreading - marking-free - almost wear-free - temperature- and ozone-resistant - cost-effective - for materials from 4 µm or 8 gr/m2 - speeds up to 800 m/min - wrap angle 8 to 180 degrees - multiple-cuts possible without any problems - several variants (also FDA-compliant) in all lengths up to max. 7000 mm - start-up weight of the bending-resistant rollers from 20g. For more information on the product, purchase or cooperation, please visit our website.

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