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ALIKON CHEMICALS LTD was founded in 1987, is located in the Industrial Area of Heraklion and is engaged in producing and selling chemicals and cleaning products. It is based in two buildings, factory and storage unit. The factory has large warehouses, a special section where quality controls take place for products and modern equipment, which contributes to the excellent production and quality of its products. It’s Products serve household and professional cleaning needs and provided in various types and packages. The quality of the products is excellent due to continuous and integrated controls both to the raw materials and the finished product. The quality controls are made by qualified chemical engineers and only after the results of all these tests we move into the final product. So we are confident in the quality and safety of our products. Aiming at continuous development and continuous improvement of our products and the offer of integrated solutions and services, we continuously invest in research and development of new products and the continual improvement of the products we provide. All our products carry instructions for the safe use and labeling, according to current legislation. Constantly trying responsibly and with environmental awareness.

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