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THEA GAIA is the beginning of the promotion and recognition of local, traditional, agricultural and packaged products carefully selected from the suppliers themselves. THEA GAIA is the beginning of a different approach to traditional products that we believe, with the right packaging, service and expertise we can make your products (brand) stand out on an international platform. If you would like to purchase products from THEA GAIA, please contact us. Our vision is to provide our children with the same traditional products we grew up with! Our products: •Olive Oil•Olives•Cheese•Sausages•Salads•Wines•Natural Salts•Stuffed peppers•Olive paste•Sundried tomatoes•Vinegar•Handmade pasta•Tomatoes sauces•Frozen pies•Honey•Sweets•Natural Cosmetics

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Parr Road


HA7 1NR London - Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο

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  • εξτρα παρθενο ελαιολαδο
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