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HEINRICH KIPP WERK is a manufacturer in the clamping technology, standard elements and operating parts sector. The company produces at its site in Germany using a wide range of machinery. The product range includes more than 65 000 articles that are all quickly available from the onsite logistics centre. KIPP is therefore a reliable partner for industry and plant and machine construction. KIPP develops the products and tests them in quality control completely in-house. Through extensive production resources, standard element assemblies and single parts can be realised as special solutions. During the development of KIPP operating parts special attention is paid to ergonomics and stability. HEINRICH KIPP WERK has existed since 1919 and since 1950 has put the emphasis on self-developed clamping tools such as the classic KIPP clamping lever. The company has more than 480 employees and is present in more than 50 countries.

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Quick clamping, secure fixating

Quick clamping, secure fixating

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Toggle clamps are used to hold and clamp workpieces. KIPP offers these flexible aids in a wide variety of designs, including innovative in-house developments KIPPlock and KIPPlock+. New to the range are conductive ESD toggle clamps and smart status sensors that can be used to monitor the actuated status. In production environments, electrical discharges can lead to the damage or destruction of parts, components or equipment. To prevent this, workstations in so-called ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) zones must be equipped down to the smallest component according to standards. This is no problem with the safe ESD toggle clamps that HEINRICH KIPP WERK has recently introduce to its range. In order to guarantee the conductivity the standards require, the grip elements and the protective pads are made of electrically conductive polyamide or elastomer. This permits the current to be relayed and dissipated via the steel frame. The new Status sensors for toggle clamps enable the actuated st



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