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We are a multi-shareholder IT start-up company focusing on the development of carefully designed mobile and web applications for our clients and partners.Our team combines expertise in IT development, with soft-skills and long professional experience. We eagerly use additional expertise where needed in line with our collaborative spirit of work.Our vision is to contribute to the transition of business operations and economic activities into the new era of digital mobile technology.We offer targeted services, including: Development of mobile applications for the most popular platforms: Android OS , iOS (iPhone- iPad), Windows Mobile OS Development of customised web applications Business planning and implementation of projects in the field of m-businessFurthermore, we undertake the integration of enterprise information systems with e-shops and mobile or portable devices.Our mission is to design and provide integrated solutions for the needs.

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555 35 Thessalonikh - Ελλάδα


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  • National Bank of Greece

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