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The objective of the Company C&C Domix Ltd includes the implementation of constructional works on behalf of homeowner individuals. The company disposes a construction license of D' Class which allows her to take over all kind of constructional works, however it is specialized in the restoration of buildings and especially in the landmark reconstruction according to the area's tradition. The company was launched on the 17th June 2004 aim is to offer high quality services to its customers, something that can be guaranteed due to its technical knowledge & experience, its specialization and the high technology equipment and machinery that the company disposes.C&C Domix Ltd places great importance on its cooperation with customers and subcontractors in the realisation of building and restoration of construction projects. The C&C Domix Ltd concept with some 40 years of experience on the market, guarantees high standards of quality at an early stage, on time and within budget constraints.

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