Intertractor is a freight and forwarding company .Operating for more than ten years, the company has rapidly grown to become one of regional Greece most independent freight businesses. Founded by one dynamic managing team, who has more than 20 years experience in transport.
Intertractor offers a wide and varied freight service. This included building materials and general freight along with high security items such as electrical and entertainment appliances, ADR , medicinal supplies, fresh products, ect

Intertractor offer reliable and excellent customer service, treating each customer and freight haul with the highest level of personal attention, professionalism and confidentiality. All trucks include 24 hour satellite tracking equipment providing up to minute monitoring of consignment. Each and every load is treated with the utmost care, arriving at destinations on time and in perfect condition.

A 24 hour a day – 7 day per week service, the company’s fleet includes the latest trucking and trailer equipment – kept in pristine condition, professionally cleaned and mechanically serviced weekly. All drivers have an average 15 years on-road trucking experience. All are licensed and qualified.

All this years of our presence, our company, has developed an strong network a quality provider of express road transport and distribution in Greece, in Europe (special Germany-Italy-France, Netherlands etc.) and ultimately in Turkey and Cyprus to, through a persistent focus on service.
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  • EXW Στο εργοστάσιο
  • FCA Ελεύθερο στο μεταφορέα
  • FAS Ελεύθερο παραπλεύρως του πλοίου
  • FOB Ελεύθερο επί του πλοίου
  • CFR Κόστος και ναύλος
  • CIF Κόστος, ασφάλεια και ναύλος
  • CPT Μεταφορικά πληρωμένα έως
  • CIP Μεταφορικά πληρωμένα, περιλαμβανομένων και των ασφαλίστρων έως
  • DAT Delivered At Terminal
  • DDP Παραδοτέο με πληρωμένους δασμούς
  • DAP Delivery At Place
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  • Πιστωτική κάρτα - Μετρητά - Επιταγή
  • Έμβασμα μέσω Courrier
  • Έμβασμα μέσω Swift
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